Healthy Pink Drink Strawberry Refresher (Whole30, Unsweetened, Caffeine-Free, Vegan)

This healthy pink drink strawberry refresher is an unsweetened, Whole30 mocktail made with only three ingredients. With its subtle strawberry flavor and creaminess, it's super refreshing and hydrating, since it's caffeine free! This healthy pink drink strawberry refresher is vegan and paleo, too, as well as a great Whole30 mocktail type drink, and totally guilt-free since it's unsweetened!

1 8.45- ounce can Perrier strawberry sparkling water
1/4 cup freeze-dried strawberries
1/2 cup coconut milk from carton unsweetened if on Whole30; vanilla is great otherwise

Pour freeze-dried strawberries in a serving cup then pour Perrier strawberry sparkling water over. Stir well and let sit for a couple of minutes to steep. Add ice to glass then pour coconut milk over. Stir and serve.
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